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Your credit card number is not kept on record, and is deleted from our secure server when the order is shipped. Accordingly you will be asked to re-enter your credit card details each time you order from us.

If you have any questions about your privacy while shopping at this site, please contact us at:

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Shipping costs are based upon the weight of your order. There are two options offered which are more economical.

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Pattern Info

African Stitch does not offer “kits” at the moment. This means that no fabric or floss is offered, only the charts. However, this is something that we shall be considering in the future.

All pattern images on this site will match your finished masterpiece.

All patterns include: The instructions, floss list, and the fabric usage calculated for 10,12,14,16,18,24,25,26,27,28,30 and 32 stitches per inch square. It is recommended that Aida fabric be used, however Evenweave can be used if preferred.

Recommended Method for Stitching Our Patterns

Select your Aida/Evenweave cloth that is 4” – 6” (10cm – 15cm) longer and wider than the finished size to allow for margins and framing.

You begin by stitching in the upper left corner of your fabric, starting with page 1 of your pattern. Stitch one (10 x 10) stitch block at a time. Then move onto the adjacent block, and so on, until the entire page is stitched.

The numbers found in the corners of each page tell you which page gets stitched next to the one you are working on.

A scrolling frame is recommended for stitching up of our patterns. Because of the large number of stitches, our patterns take longer to stitch than ordinary cross-stitch patterns, and using the hoop can make marks on the fabric.

Relax and enjoy watching your own masterpiece design appear across your fabric.

Happy Stitching.

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